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Hair with SouLL (HWS) is a luxury hairline that aims for you to feel like you are putting your best foot forward when you step out into the world.


Internally, you’re confident that you have a full SouLL knowing that you are wearing the best raw Indian hair. The untreated hair ensures that your extensions behave like your own hair and guarantees longevity, luster, and unbelievable movement.

Hair with SouLL wants customers, no matter what chapter in life you’re in, to wear HWS and feel pure joy and happiness from the inside out.


It doesn’t matter if you're a stay-at-home parent and want to look good for when you get a minute alone in the bathroom mirror, an entrepreneur in a board meeting who doesn’t want to worry about displaced hair while presenting, or simply going to a hot yoga class to find internal harmony after a trying day.


HWS is bigger than hair. Owner, Dakota Byrd, is a believer and lover of positive thinking, so each texture comes with an affirmation card.


So whatever you do in life, please find what brings your SouLL peace while wearing Hair with SOULL.

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